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‘Azerbaijan’ Etiketlənmiş Yazı

Azerbaijan – my motherland…


Everyone wants to be Azerbaijan’s friend

On the outskirts of Azerbaijan’s capital city, Baku, naturally occurring fires light up a hillside – a centuries-old phenomenon caused by gas seeping up through the rocks.

Gas is not hard to extract from the ground in Azerbaijan

Gas is not hard to extract from the ground in Azerbaijan

In this small country on the Caspian Sea, fossil fuel reserves are never far away. This is, after all, a nation that proudly boasts of an oil industry older than its celebrated Texan counterpart.

“Everything that was conducted for the first time in the oil and gas industry was conducted here – the first industrial production of oil, the first oil tanker, the first pipeline, the first offshore oil production,” boasts Elshad Nassirov, vice-president of Socar, the state oil company.

There’s even talk of opening up an oil museum in Baku. But it’s the future that really excites this country’s political and business leaders.

Azerbaijan covers 87,000 sq km of land – just one third the size of Britain – but when it comes to fossil fuels, location is everything. As Europe increasingly looks east for oil and gas, it has a choice of three countries to deal with. (daha&helliip;)

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